Why You Need To Work With a Dermatologist for Rosacea

Rosacea is a common skin condition affecting over 14 million Americans. Typically identified by facial redness, swelling, eye irritation, and skin thickening, rosacea can have even more symptoms and be distressing for those suffering. While no cure exists, working with a dermatologist is the best way to achieve long-standing relief.

Find out why working with a dermatologist is a must for relieving symptoms of rosacea.

Treatment Is Case-by-Case

Rosacea can have a variety of symptoms. Other than the ones listed above, those affected may also experience rashes, visible facial blood vessels, itching, oily skin, and pus-filled spots.

Because of the variability in symptoms, treatment depends on the individual. When developing a treatment plan, your symptoms, age, lifestyle, and other factors, such as medical history, also play a part.

While online resources or home treatments may help, what works for another may not work for you regarding rosacea. Working with a dermatologist provides the environment to be treated individually and find personalized care.

Rosacea Is a Chronic Condition

There currently is no cure for rosacea. This means partnering with a capable and caring dermatologist is a must, as you will have a working relationship with them for an extended duration.

Managing flare-ups and identifying what triggers them is best done through the clinical focus a dermatologist provides. By helping you understand your rosacea, a dermatologist can help you navigate and manage the condition.

Building a potentially lifelong relationship with your dermatologist requires finding one who can develop an individualized treatment plan and create a considerate relationship with you.

Find Rosacea Treatments at Park Avenue Dermatology in New York, NY

At Park Avenue Dermatology, we have a team dedicated and driven to finding you rosacea relief. Not just experienced, our doctors are incredibly capable of helping you find what treatments work for your rosacea and for you and your life.

Dr. Glodny and Dr. Warner are both board-certified dermatologists, having proven their knowledge and skill to the American Board of Dermatology. If rosacea has led to permanent skin damage, we offer skin restorative services from dermabrasion to laser therapies.

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