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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments, also known as photofacials, are scientifically proven to clear and brighten skin, erasing discoloration associated with sun damage, age spots, acne scarring, redness and dilated blood vessels. It also enhances collagen and elastic production, resulting in firmer, more radiant skin.

At Park Avenue Dermatology, Dr. Bradley Glodny is proud to offer the latest in IPL technology with the Lumenis M22™ multiplatform device. Its state-of-the-art pulsed light energy delivers results in half as many sessions as traditional IPL devices, and its advanced cooling feature significantly minimizes discomfort.

About Lumenis M22™ IPL in New York City

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a powerful but gentle tool that can address a variety of skin issues, from scarring to sun damage to rosacea. A non-invasive therapy, it also restores tone and texture to skin.

Using pulses of light energy at specific wavelengths and frequencies, IPL targets unwanted pigmentation without the need for any downtime.

What Areas Can Be Treated With NYC IPL?

At Park Ave. Derm. we treat areas on the face, neck, décolletage, and even the hands. IPL treatment can be used alone, or in combination with other therapies, to achieve optimal aesthetic results. Common concerns treated with IPL include:

  • Sun damage
  • Sun spots
  • Freckles
  • Acne scarring
  • Broken capillaries or dilated blood vessels
  • Facial redness from rosacea
  • Birth marks and port wine stains

What Happens During Lumenis M22™ IPL Treatment in NYC?

IPL treatment can take anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes depending on the area being treated. While the IPL device has a cooling tip to minimize discomfort there are techniques available to help keep pain to a minimum, including cooling get applied during the procedure.

Lumenis M22™ IPL Results & Recovery in Manhattan

A few days after the procedure, your skin will appear more radiant and toned. Final results will be seen over the next two weeks. We recommend a series of 2-3 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart for optimal effects, as each treatment continues to brighten, tighten, tone, and smooth.

Many patients return seasonally to maintain their results.

Immediately after the treatment, skin will look slightly red, as if you had a mild sunburn. Over the next few days, dark spots and freckles will darken, crust over, and flake off, revealing more luminous skin.

You can go back to your daily activities immediately post-procedure, being sure to avoid heat, intense exercise, and sun exposure for the next day or two.

Schedule an IPL Consultation in NYC

Contact us today to schedule your cosmetic consultation for your Intense Pulsed Light(IPL) and other skin and body treatments at Park Avenue Dermatology. We look forward to caring for you and your skin. We look forward to taking care of you and welcoming you to our Park Ave Derm family.


IPL, or photofacial, is a great tool we use to treat signs of sun or UV damage. In most patients, sun damage appears as brown and red spots scattered over the skin. Sun damage leaves the skin looking uneven, red, and with more wrinkles.  After a series of IPl treatments, your skin tone will be even and you will look more youthful, glowing, and healthy.  

The effects of IPL may last from a few months to 5-10 years. The length of time varies greatly dependent on how well a person protects their skin from sun exposure and UV light following their their IPL treatments. The less sun your skin is exposed to, the less time your IPL benefit will last.

No, the IPL laser is not used to help tighten skin. IPL is best used to treat surface level concerns like sun spots, angiomas, sun damage, and blood vessels. That being said, it has been hypothesized that if you receive many IPL treatments over many years, it may tighten the skin subtlety due to the higher levels of heat your skin was exposed to with each IPL treatment.

It may be! Before answering that question, we would perform a cosmetic consult, at which time we will evaluate which type of laser would be the best for your face and requirements for downtime.

IPL is most effective in patients with lighter skin types (types 1-3). In darker or higher skin types (4-5) great care must be taken to ensure the IPL treatment parameters have been changed to ensure the treatment is safe. If the settings are not precise, and a persons skin type is too high (dark), it is possible to develop burns, blisters, pigment gain/loss and even permanent scarring. For this reason, here at Park Ave Derm, we highly recommend you see an experiences provider for your care. 

Yes, IPL is an effective treatment for most brown spots you may see on their skin. IPL is most successful at treating dark spots that result from sun damage (sun spots – freckles). Some dark spots may take more than one treatment to completely remove. Other types of brown spots and skin darkening can also be treated with IPL. Your provider at Park Ave Derm will be able to choose those that are optimal for IPL treatment.

It is very important you follow Park Ave Derm’s directions with regard to skin care following your IPL treatment. One of the most important things to know after your IPL is that you must avoid direct skin light on your skin for the following 2 weeks. Also, over the following week after your IPL, it is also best to adhere to a sensitive skin care regimen. This will ensure that your skin heals properly and quickly after your procedure. 

Yes, most people can return to work or the gym for a heavy work out the very same day as their IPL treatment. Of course, some patients may appreciate having 1-2 days post procedure to recover fully before returning to all normal activities in public.

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