Why Sculptra is the Best Way to Replenish and Rewind

There are many different types of “dermal fillers” but one stands out since it is also a biostimulatory molecule. This “filler” is called SculptraⓇ or Poly-L-Lactic Acid and it not only helps treat volume loss and create a more youthful appearance it also can stimulate your body’s own collagen production helping to improve overall skin quality and texture. SculptraⓇ therefore is a precious tool in your skin care regimen and when injected properly will allow for incomparable results. At Park Avenue Dermatology, Dr. Glodny and Dr. Warner are experts at injecting biostimulatory molecules such as Sculptra. With their skillset, they can ensure that you get the results that you are looking for.

Why Should I Choose Sculptra?

Sculptra has benefits that are not merely surface level. It tackles the very issues that are causing your skin to age. By stimulating your own skin’s collagen production, it will be made stronger and healthier. Because of this, Sculptra will make your skin appear brighter and younger.

How is Sculptra Injected? Aftercare?

  • Unlike other hyaluronic acid fillers, SculptraⓇ is usually not injected in one sitting. Typically it is injected monthly for 3 months and then every 2 years (or so) for maintenance.
  • You will not see the results of SculptraⓇ right away. Instead, it will take closer to 6 months from your first injection to see your optimal results.
  • After Sculptra is injected we ask our patients to massage the areas for 5 minutes, 5 times a day for 5 days (or the rule of 5’s).
  • Massaging helps to ensure that all of the SculptraⓇ is distributed evenly, preventing any bumps or lumps.

Who is a Good Candidate for Sculptra?

Most patients can begin to be considered for SculptraⓇ treatment in their early 30’s. During this time it is said that people lose about 1 teaspoon of collagen each year. Therefore SculptraⓇ is a great way to help replace this lost collagen in a very natural way. Dr. Glodny finds SculptraⓇ especially helpful in treating his male patients since SculptraⓇ will never over-volumize an area and will help to improve skin quality while not feminizing the face.

Where Can Sculptra Be Used?

Most often SculptraⓇ is used on the face, specifically addressing volume loss of the temples, cheeks, and jaw line area. More recently, however, techniques have been developed to inject the buttocks, knees, abdomen, and even the neck. Dr. Glodny is proficient in injecting SculptraⓇ in any and all of these areas.

Find Out More About Sculptra Treatments at Park Ave. Derm.

Here at Park Avenue Dermatology, we work with our patients to ensure that their skin is taken care of utilizing the most up to cutting-edge techniques and injectables. Sculptra is one of Dr. Glodny and Dr. Warner’s favorite tools in their effort to provide the best skin health and overall appearance their patients can achieve. Contact us today at (212) 752-3692 or visit us at Park Avenue Dermatology to schedule your consultation at Park Ave. Derm.

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