eCO2 Plus Laser

This patient had a series of combination eCO2 and IPL treatments to address a prominent hypertrophic red scar. You can see almost complete resolution of the scar.

Botox: Gummy Smile Correction

This patient underwent botox injections to make her upper lip appear more full. She also had injections to reduce the appearance of her gums when smiling.


This patient had dysport injected into his midbrow, forehead and crows feet to help diminish deep furrows and wrinkling.

Lip Filler

This patient had .5cc’s of Restylane Kysse injected into upper and lower lip to add subtle volume without overfilling her small lip frame.

Nose Filler

This patient had .5cc’s of Restylane Lyft injected into her nasal bridge and tip for a subtle yet impactful liquid rhinoplasty.

Cheek Filler

This patient had 2cc’s of Juvederm Voluma injected into her midface and cheeks using a cannula to help define her lateral facial contours.

Cheek Filler 2

This patient had 2cc’s of Restylane Contour injected into her midface and cheeks using a cannula to help provide an elegant yet subtle cheekbone.

Temple Filler

This patient had 3cc’s of Juvederm Voluma injected into her temples helping to address facial hollowness, creating a more youthful appearance.

Jawline Filler

This patient had 4cc’s of Juvederm Volux injected into her jaw line area to better define the lower face providing a more contoured jaw while maintaining her feminine appearance.

NdYag Laser for Eye Vein Treatment

One laser treatment was performed for this patient addressing the large blueish green periorbital veins around his left eye. Post procedure the patient experienced slight swelling. 1 week post procedure the vein totally disappeared.


This patient underwent one Hydrafacial glysal treatment. Immediately after the skin is free of impurities and the pores are diminished.

HydraFacial 2

This patient underwent one Hydrafacial “sensitive skin” booster treamtent. Immediately after the skin appears free of irritation and the pores are diminished and clear.


This patient underwent 3 kybella treatments to help diminish and remove the fatty submandibular fat pat.

IPL For Hands

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